Dear friends,

As the Big Brothers Big Sisters Dream Home Lottery comes to an end for another year, we are reaching out to our friends in the community to share our story with the hope that you can help.

When moms and dads, grandparents, and caregivers of every kind, are working multiple jobs, are struggling to pay bills, or are finding it difficult to manage everyday life, who is taking care of the children?  That’s why organizations like ours exist.

The kids who take part in our programs go to your school or perhaps live in your neighborhood. They are kids with potential who just need a little extra support and families of all kinds that can’t do it all by themselves.

Neither can we.  Funds from our annual lottery campaign are needed to make sure kids aren’t left behind.

Our current campaign is experiencing extremely low sales and we are at risk of not making the money we need to continue the same level of support to our community’s children.  Our goal is $1 Million.  That’s almost 700 kids.

We ask you to consider buying a Big Brothers Big Sisters Dream Home Lottery ticket this year, if you haven’t already.  In addition to joining in support for kids, you will have the opportunity to win our $1.2 Million grand prize!

You can buy tickets by clicking here or by calling 1.877.483.8832. Thank you for supporting our community’s kids.




Liz O’Neill, Executive Director
Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area 

P.S. Tickets start at just $25 each with packages up to 30 tickets for $200 – that’s less than $7 a ticket and our Win50 jackpot is over $780,000!